doppelganger_icon_128.png Help Frank Blank to remember! Doppelgänger is an arcade version of the popular game “pairs”.
Contrary to the classic version there are only a certain amount of misses allowed while searching for identical pairs of cards. If you manage to reveal all pairs you advance to the next round - but only one miss too much, and you are “game over”.

The intuitive and established game principle is suited for all ages and makes Doppelgänger a perfect casual game. However, also ambitious players will get their money’s worth during the more than 40 levels: the number of cards per round increases constantly during the game. Absolute concentration is mandatory to master the higher levels.

For the hardcore gamer Doppelgänger provides a combo-system and bonus levels. Only systematic play will lead you to one of the ranks in the online score boards

Doppelgänger was developed with a lot of attention to details. The gameplay is fluid with no interruptions or load-times, animations are simple but elegantly used. But the definitive highlight are the more than 200 different cards from a variety of themes: every single graphic was hand-drawn specifically for Doppelgänger.

Put your memory to a test with Doppelgänger, the game that makes you smarter!

- more than 200 lovely drawn graphics
- 3 different level strings, no game is the same
- bonus levels
- online score board: match up with the world
- fully playable with one hand
- automatic save/continue function
- quick load time

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Built using Cocos2d

What players say:

“I just wanted to thank you for making what appears to be the best and most exciting pairs game I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t a genre I really considered interesting, but as soon as I saw a posting on the Touch Arcade forums I knew I had to get it.” Bret, Ohama, USA


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