fficonbig.jpg  Take pictures of the faces of your friends, family members or colleagues. Frankenface clips the portraits into 3 segments that can be swapped to create new weird faces. Possible combinations become infinite the more pictures you add.

Exchange the different parts of the faces to discover amazing results over and over again. If you want you can leave the choice to the app by shaking the device. Frankenface will use your pictures to randomly generate a new freaky face combo.

The simplicity of Frankenface becomes apparent at first sight. The simple design and intuitive interface immediately lead to astounding results. Frankenface repeatedly does what it is supposed to do: make you laugh!

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How can i save a freaky face combo and mail it to my friends?

Press and hold the HOME Button and simultaneously press the POWER Button. The screen will flash and the image is being saved to your photo library. Use it as you want from there using the built in functionality.

I blew it. The photo I took does not match with the graphic overlay. Is it possible to scale and rotate the photo afterwards for adjustment?

No. Always check the preview. Better give it another shot when the fit isn’t perfect. We spared the scaling and roting feature because we wanted Frankenface to be very light and easy to use. Most face combos don’t need to fit perfectly to look hilarious.

Built using Cocos2d

7 Responses to “Frankenface”

  1. uwepuwe says:

    hallo tille, martina und so. ich glaube ich kauf mir jetzt auch’n eifon. iss ja lustich!! grüsse, uwe

  2. Frankenface iPhone - Mix faces around you…

    A fresh new Indie-Gamesstudio from Cologne (One More Games) released their first iPhone app, called Frankenface. It is more a toy than a game, and the idea is pretty simple, derived from childhood play-stuff: You take pictures of the people around you …

  3. Oscar says:

    The game no run in firm 3.0. When touch in the camera the app exit. Please fix it!!!!

    The app is awesome an very funny.

    Sorry for my bad english. My From Argentina!

  4. bernhard says:

    Hallo OMG

    Ich hab frankenface auf meinem iphone installiert, aber leider kann ich keine eigenen Fotos damit aufnehmen, nach ein paar Sekunden, in denen ich die geschlossene Fotoblende sehe, bricht das Programm ab und ich seh wieder meinen iphone-home-Bildschirm… habt ihr irgendeinen Tip für mich wie ich Euer Progrtamm zum laufen bring?

    Iphone 3G 16MB, neuestes BS… nicht gejailbrokendingenskirchend :-)

    Vielen Dank schon mal,


  5. Marco says:

    Same problem above. It seems a nice application but IT DOESN’T WORK with firmware 3!!!
    I hope you can fix it because i did pay for it!!! :(

  6. admin says:

    sorry for the troubles, everything should work with the latest update!

  7. Tilman says:

    Hey, we have been working on a new app for a while now, real game this time. coming soon!

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